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License Information

Moving is a highly regulated industry in the state of Oregon. In order to become a full-service mover, you must undergo a rigorous screening and application process. All licensed Oregon movers are found on this list. If the company you talked to is not on this list, they are 100% not a legal moving company and are breaking numerous state and federal laws about the transportation of household goods. If you are booking us for a full-service move, please refer to the General Information Bulletin for Household Goods in Oregon for more information.


Every moving company in Oregon is legally required to have and display their ODOT, USDOT, and MC numbers. If you do not see those numbers anywhere, they are not a legal moving company. Here our ours: ODOT: 029716, USDOT: 4139681, MC: 1586961.


The first number allows us to move household goods in Oregon and the latter two allow us to move household goods across state lines. If you contact a company that does not have these numbers, they are 100% not a legal moving company and are breaking numerous state and federal laws about the transportation of household goods.

These rules are highly enforced, and every year, ODOT conducts sting operations to catch moving companies breaking these laws. 

What's a Tariff?

Whether we are moving you down the street or across country, if you are booking us for a full-service move, or any move where we provide the truck, this means that Oregon's Department of Transportation regulates all fees for your move and mandates how and what we charge. These rules do not apply for labor-only services, and company's are able to create their own policies for labor-only moving. 

This also means the majority of moving companies pricing is going to be about in the same ballpark, allowing the consumer to choose a company based on their reviews and reputation. We are one of the highest-rated moving company's in town, and you can read some of our reviews here.


Local Cartage vs. Long Distance

This tariff divides full-service moves into two distinct categories: local cartage and long distance. Local cartage moves for our company are moves within 50 air miles of Eugene and Springfield. Picture a 50 mile circle around the city. All moves within that circle are calculated using an hourly rate of $153.10 per hour for a truck and two movers. Each additional mover is $59.35 per hour. These rates start and end at the company's terminal, meaning the clock begins when the workers leave our warehouse and ends when we get back. This is mandated by ODOT.

There are additional fees for packing, unpacking, as well as specialty items like gun safes or pianos. Every company operating within Eugene city limits legally has to charge these rates or rates within several dollars of such, depending on the tariff they use. Charging over or under the tariff is against the law.


Long distance moves are defined as any move beyond that 50 mile circle beyond Eugene/Springfield and are calculated differently using a combination of an hourly rate along with a one-way mileage fee calculated using Google Maps. We are required to give a non-binding estimate for these moves.

We know moving is confusing enough, so we hope this clears up some questions you may have. We hope you'll choose us for all your moving needs. We'll move mountains for you!

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